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Removing Malware





These are the different names for the same class of exploit that may infect your computer.

The Malware takes over your computer and is demanding money.

Most Malware can be removed with programs that are free downloads from the Internet.

The most useful of these are Superantispyware and Malwarebytes.


Most likely, the Malware is stopping Internet connections to any site that it can divine as a site that has resources that can remove it. (These programs can be very smart about these things)

You will have to download Superantispyware to a USB Drive from an unaffected computer. Make sure you Get the PORTABLE VERSION.

This is important because the portable version does not require installation. 

Restart the infected computer in Safe Mode. (Start the computer and tap the F8 key until a Menu Screen appears) At the Menu Screen, use the arrow keys to high-light Safe Mode With Networking. Press Enter.

When the computer boots into Safe Mode, you should be able to run Superantispyware from your USB Drive.

Superantispyware portable does not install itself to your computer. It runs completely in the computer memory. 

Before you Scan the computer for Malware, you must Update the program from the Update Button. That is why you Boot to Safe Mode with Networking.

After the update, you begin the Scan. It could take as much as 45 minutes but usually finishes in around 20 minutes.

When the scan is finished, you will be prompted to Remove the files that are dangerous and then Restart your computer. 

With any luck at all, your computer will boot into Widows normally with no sign of the Malware.

You are NOT DONE.

Download and Install Malwarebytes. Update Malwarebytes and run a full Scan.

If there is any residual infection, you will be prompted to remove it and Reboot.

Now you are Done.