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Backup .... Local or Cloud

 Backup Backup Backup

That is the mantra that every business owner needs to get across to themselves or the folks that work for them.

The disaster will come. When it does, how will you recover? (If you can)

Even if you are just one person, doing everything, and your Quickbooks becomes corrupted and a years worth of data is gone, how will you recover?

Disaster Recovery is NOT painless, no matter the sales pitch. It can be easier, but NOT painless.

There are several ways to Backup. Backup locally (your own device) or in the Cloud (a remote networked device ie. The Net)

Local backup has a drawback. If the disaster is local (a fire, a flood or theft) the backup is gone. You can store the backup off-sight, and that is better, but the material has to be retrieved and that could take time. The benefit is that the cost is next to nothing. All it takes is your time and the discipline to do it.

Backup to the Cloud is becoming more popular. The Cloud is a space on an Internet server that you rent to store your important data. Many companies are offering this service because the cost of server storage is at such a low cost. The data backup is done redundantly, meaning that the data being stored is also backed-up. This makes the process very safe. The security comes from heavy duty encryption. 

No matter the method, this is MUST DO. Many businesses have not been able to recover from a data loss disaster.

Beyond the need to backup for business protection reasons, electronic records are now treated as any paper record in the legal system and the legal system will brook no excuse not to produce them when required by the law. This includes email, Blackberry messages, and all manner of electronic communication.

Backup Backup Backup