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IT and the Small Business

A brand new business that is starting out slowly or is never meant to be a large enterprise has exactly the same issues with IT that a world wide company has.

If you are going to use 1 computer or several, to help with those tasks that they do so well, then you need to think about a few things as you build.

First, you must ask "What will I use this for?" Is it dedicated as a Point of Sale machine? If so, will the computer need to be networked in any way? 

Point of Sale most often is networked to a "back office server" arrangement to integrate sales with inventory management. That server may very well be networked with a supplier who is delivering your inventory "just in time". It is the only way to keep inventory carry costs to a minimum, unless you want to send many hours keeping inventory by hand, or in your head.

Second, "Will I use this to make life simpler for my customers or for my business for that matter?".

Online credit card payments, debit card payments, business banking, customer records are all data that you must protect.

Once you are in a network environment, your computers can be vulnerable. 

You might say to yourself, " I'm just a small fry. What do I need to fear?".  

All business is a target. The very large and the very small are being exploited on a regular basis and the problem is growing exponentially.

If thieves have the opportunity to ransack your little business for a few hundred dollars, they will. If you have a few million, so much the better for them. 

Now, How to Get it Right.

If you do not have years of security experience, call in a pro.

It will be money well spent and your business as well as customers can be safe and flourish.