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MacDefender, MacProtector, MacSecurity "Is This the Begining of Malware on the Mac"

I have always recommended Mac to the Home User because I considered the Mac to be "Basically Invulnerable to the Internet."

Now that MacDefender has been seen in the wild, and is making a pest of itself, I wonder if I have to change my opinion.

Several times in the last few days, I have forced my Macbook Pro to allow the attack to take place to observe it's behavior during the infection. 

Is Linux more Secure than Windows

Thanks to Pam Baker for including my thoughts on Linux and Windows Security


Mobile Banking Apps, Smart Phones and Security

As with any application, how the app was conceived, built, tested and rolled out, determines it's robustness in the security world.

There is a long process for the development of an application, with many pit falls to be avoided, and many security advancements that have to be built in and tested.

Kim Boatman's Article on iTunes Hacking

Many Thanks to Kim Boatman for including my thoughts on iTunes Hacking and account protection. 

Search Malware on the Rise

According to Barracuda Networks' annual report, search engine malware increased by 55 percent in 2010, and Twitter attacks rose by 20 percent.

Backup .... Local or Cloud

 Backup Backup Backup

That is the mantra that every business owner needs to get across to themselves or the folks that work for them.

The disaster will come. When it does, how will you recover? (If you can)

Even if you are just one person, doing everything, and your Quickbooks becomes corrupted and a years worth of data is gone, how will you recover?

Disaster Recovery is NOT painless, no matter the sales pitch. It can be easier, but NOT painless.

IT and the Small Business

A brand new business that is starting out slowly or is never meant to be a large enterprise has exactly the same issues with IT that a world wide company has.

If you are going to use 1 computer or several, to help with those tasks that they do so well, then you need to think about a few things as you build.

First, you must ask "What will I use this for?" Is it dedicated as a Point of Sale machine? If so, will the computer need to be networked in any way? 

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